Ziggy Square
Ziggy is the kwami who is connected to the Goat Miraculous. With her power, Ziggy's wearer can use the Miraculous to transform into a goat-themed superhero. She is currently dormant in her Miraculous in Master Wang Fu's Miracle Box, as seen in "Sapotis".


Ziggy is kind and helpful. Ziggy is very sensitive and gets upset when someone asks something from her without saying please.


  • Ziggy was first revealed from a second season trailer on August 31, 2017.
    • Ziggy's name was confirmed in the credits of the Latin American Spanish dub of "Sandboy".
  • Goats symbolize faith, peace, sturdiness, dignity, and more.
  • The goat is the eighth animal of the Chinese zodiac.
    • Sometimes, the goat is replaced with a ram or sheep.
  • Ziggy is named after David Bowie's character Ziggy Stardust.


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