Vivica Square
Vivica is a professional guitarist introduced in the third season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.


  • On June 3, 2018, Thomas Astruc noted that Vivica will still appear, but ideas from her development early on have changed.[3]
  • Vivica is the first character in the show to have braces.
  • As a villain she looks like Fiesta from Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • Vivica is based on a real person of the same name. As the winner of a contest at the Miraculous Ladybug panel at Los Angeles Comic Con 2016, Vivica got to help create a future akumatized character during a visit at Zag Studios in Los Angeles.[4]
    • The real Vivica said she wanted to be a vet when she grew up, which is what inspired the character Vivica's job and akumatized form in early development, though it has since changed.
  • According to the whiteboard seen behind Jeremy Zag during the meeting for creating Vivica, Vivica was originally going to be a fan of Cat Noir and felt like he doesn't get enough attention.[5]
    • Based on the whiteboard, either Hawk Moth, who "knows Cat very well", might have gotten jealous of Vivica or something else, or Vivica might have become jealous and it led to her akumatization.
  • As of May 17, 2017, Vivica's episode had not been written; the French crew did not know about Vivica even being a character. Because Season 3 was almost completely written, it was possible that Vivica will not be seen until Season 4 at the earliest if she still appears.[6]
    • However, a different version of Vivica later manages to debut in "Desperada".
  • One of the weapons she wields as Desperada, an Axe/Guitar Hybrid is very reminiscent of the Axe Bass used by Marceline in Adventure Time, Coincidentally both characters have some relation to Rock Music


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