Verde Salami is a female character and is a background character in Minibellies. She is the daughter of Ceferino Salami and younger sister of Zotico Salami.

Verde Salami.png

Personality[edit | edit source]

Verde is the youngest daughter of Ceferino Salami and younger sister of Zotico Salami. She is a spoiled, selfish, rascal and crying girl who gets everything she wants, especially from her father Ceferino, in which Verde is always benefited by treats, kisses, gifts and hugs by her father, which sometimes generates jealousy in Zotico, your older brother. She is also very bossy, because when she doesn't get what she wants she has a tendency to scream angrily. She is also an associate of her father and helps her father Ceferino without hesitating to get rid of people like Aly Jones and Coconut Jones. Like her father and brother, she is a murderer, whose goal is to kill both Coconut Jones and Aly Jones, and she and her brother antagonize Coconut for being a teenager like her and Zotico. She sometimes teases her brother Zotico, because she is her father's "darling", but she teases him sometimes because of Zotico's jealousy that he sometimes has towards her, but she likes her older brother very much and that cares deeply about him, in which he is willing to teach Verde how to shoot or learn to handle weapons so that she is a future sniper in the future, which is one of the desires that Verde has always dreamed of.

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