Tart Lemon is a character from Equestria Girls: New Generation. She is Lemon Zest's younger and good daughter, and is Zest Lime's younger sister. Tart Lemon is the main protagonist of Equestria Girls: New Generation, being one of the main characters, whose her sister Zest Lime appears as the main antagonist. Her best friends are Sun Breaker, Lala Sweetie, Poppy Lolly, Eletta Concetta and Sugar Coffee.

Tart Lemon


Tart is the opposite of his sister Zest. Tart Lemon is a girl who tries to do everything to protect magic so that she doesn't fall into the wrong hands like her sister Zest Lime's. She has a good relationship with her mother Lemon Zest, Tart is very honest, loving and lively, as she is not only concerned with her friends, but also with her family, especially with her mother. She is also energetic, good, friendly and sympathetic who is also willing to sacrifice her life to save the life of her mother and friends.


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