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Sugarcoat is one of the main characters in the DreamWorks My Little Pony franchise. She is much different from her original counterpart.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Empress Sugarcoat, the Griffon Empress of Serenity
  • Race: Pegasus; Hybrid Griffon-Pony
  • Cutie Mark: Same as the original merchandise.
  • Age: 20
  • Occupations: Main worker of her family's garden at Bloomin' Sugar Fields, worker at Canterlot Garden, part-time assistant at Golden Oak Library, garden shop worker, firework creator, Canterlot Mall book store owner, member of the Shadowcolts, electric violinist and backup singer of the Sonic Booms, member of the Mane Group
  • Likes: Gardening, helping others, plants and flowers, outdoor stuff, animals, winter, 
  • Dislikes:
  • Traits: Girly, reliable, quiet, patient, diligent, sincere, intelligent, strict, serious, blunt, cynical, frank, sarcastic, well-meaning, honest, friendly, compassionate, gentle, kind, sweet, straight, caring, organized, half city girl and half country girl, practical, motherly, level-headed, sincere, self-confident, genuine, calm, hard-worker, voice of reason, loving, peaceful, happy, tranquil, positive, determined, somewhat funny, dorky, aggressive, explosive, impatient (sometimes), irascible, multi-talented, admiral-like, sailor-like, pirate-like, heroic, helpful
  • Pet: Quackers (pet duck)
  • Family: Nana Cinch (grandmother); Pokey Pierce (older brother); Silver Spoon (adoptive younger sister); Avalanche (griffon father) and Snowy Cone (pony mother); George Cherry, Purple Flavouring, Reticent Berry, Red Rum, Sweet Bloomer, and Berry Pie (relatives); Aunt Cherry (aunt); Uncle Cherry (uncle); Jelly Strudel (grandfather); Sugar Jones (great-grandfather); Sugarplum (adoptive sister); Applejack (childhood sister)
  • Friends/Allies:
  • Enemies:

Description[edit | edit source]

New Personality[edit | edit source]

The DreamWorks reboot version of Sugarcoat is much different from her original counterpart. She is now very patient and calm, and is more opened up to others. Her personality may be similar to the original Twilight Sparkle, since she can be organized, strict and serious at times. She may have a few traits like her original counterpart, but now in a more well-meaning, honest and friendly mindset.

Sugarcoat has some admiral-like traits from her great-grandfather Sugar Jones, gaining a sailor-like accent and sometimes acting like a pirate (much to her friends', mainly the Beta Six's, annoyance), but that's what makes her unique. Being like a fleet admiral figure, she acts as Twilight's third-in-command.

Hailing from the country, she is the total opposite of Sour Sweet. She is a vegan, loves planting and gardening, loves animals big and small, and loves to do outdoorsy stuff! Due to her gentle and caring personality, Sugar is strongly connected to nature and loves helping people. She is one of the most diligent creatures and is cautious of her actions. Plus, she has a rockin' style: country flair mixed with city chic. Not one to back down, her positive attitude and determination can save the day. Sincere and self-confident, she stays true to herself!

She is a very sweet, honest, intelligent, sincere, reliable, hard-working, kind, genuine, calm and level-headed pony who loves plants, flowers and vegetation of all kinds. Like her name says, she's a real true sugarcoat! She's like one of the (16) nicest creatures you'll ever meet.

As her friends tend to be quirky, Sugarcoat typically acts as the "straight but sweet woman" in her circle of friends. She gives practical advice and always provides a shoulder to cry on. She is able to calmly and logically assess situations that she and the others find themselves in. She has a sensitive personality to the point where she will instinctively care for her friends and family, as well as her animals, when they are in distress.

Sugarcoat is the most motherly member of the group as she possesses a deep sense of love, peace, happiness, and tranquility. However, she also has a blunt side to her personality as she can have problems with going along with what others say at times. This side of her personality will sometimes cause her to hide most of her thoughts to the point where she will have problems keeping them to herself. Contrary to her name, Sugarcoat tends to be pretty straightforward with what she has to say, which can come off kind of harsh sometimes. In other words, although she has a calm and nice personality, she at times gets very angry at her people which can cause her to act quickly and show a more aggressive side of herself. But all in all, she really is a nice girl.

Being the middle child of Avalanche and Snowy Cone, as well as the younger sister of Pokey Pierce and the adoptive older sister of Silver Spoon, she is born half pony and half griffon. Unlike most griffons,

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Applejack:
  • Silver Spoon:
  • Pokey Pierce:
  • Sunset Shimmer: One of the Beta Six.
  • Indigo Zap: One of the Beta Six.
  • Sunny Flare: One of the Beta Six.
  • Sour Sweet: One of the Beta Six.
  • Lemon Zest: One of the Beta Six.
  • Garble:
  • Twilight Sparkle:
  • Rainbow Dash:
  • Pinkie Pie:
  • Rarity Belle:
  • Fluttershy:
  • Spike:
  • Discord:
  • Megan Williams:

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