Sour Sweet is one of the main characters in the DreamWorks My Little Pony franchise. She is much different from her original counterpart.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Lady Sour Sweet, the Hippogriff Goddess of Charity
  • Race: Pegasus; Hybrid Hippogriff-Pony
  • Cutie Mark: Same as the original merchandise.
  • Age: 20
  • Occupations: Owner of the Sweet Snacks Cafe, aspiring chef and baker, gem polisher, jewelry maker, photographer, cowbell player of the Sonic Booms, member of the Mane Group
  • Likes: Cooking, baking, polishing gems, making jewelry, insects, bugs, taking photos, her family and friends, protecting people, 
  • Dislikes:
  • Traits: Half girly and half tomboyish, loving, affectionate, passionate, bipolar, sweet (calm, compassionate, gentle, pleasant, romantic, obnoxiously nice, delicate, peaceful, somewhat quiet, cutesy, pacifistic), sour (sarcastic, rude-ish, mean-ish, tart-like, bitter, proud, diva-like, self-centered, sassy, independent, sarcastic, serious, strong, fast), energetic, brave, playful, honest, protective, ladylike, big-hearted, kind, proper, good-natured, peacemaker, hateful (sometimes), city girl, generous, friendly, self-confident, selfless, heroic, helpful, outgoing, meditative, amazing listener
  • Pet: Flora (pet kitty)
  • Family: Sakura Blossom (pony mother) and Clover Cluster (hippogriff father); Snailsquirm (adoptive younger brother); Donut Joe (older brother); Aroma Rose (twin sister); Cherry Heart (adoptive sister); Fluttershy (childhood sister)
  • Friends/Allies:
  • Enemies:

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

New Personality[edit | edit source]

The DreamWorks reboot version of Sour Sweet is much different from her original counterpart. Sour still has a bipolar personality where she alternates between being sarcastic and rude (sour), and obnoxiously nice (sweet). However, unlike her original counterpart, she knows how to control it.

She usually stays on the sweet side, and is always sweet and polite to everyone no matter what. She is usually calm, compassionate, gentle, pleasant, sweet and romantic, and is the peacemaker of the group, as well as being the chef and baker of the group. She believes that love is the best policy. Well, that, and that the way to a girl's heart is through some good old-fashioned cooking and baking (her food and dessert are the best, and she puts a lot of love in them).

Even though she is sweet, she can be real sour to mean people, creatures and villains who dare mess with her or any of her friends and family. She can be a bit proud and self-centered sometimes, but is actually very protective to others. She's always ready to let someone know when their behavior isn't appropriate – she's not afraid to call people out. She's strong, fast, and tells it like it is.

Facts[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Fluttershy:
  • Snailsquirm:
  • Donut Joe:
  • Aroma Rose:
  • Rainbow Dash:
  • Sugarcoat:
  • Indigo Zap:
  • Lemon Zest:
  • Sunset Shimmer:
  • Sunny Flare:
  • Twilight Sparkle:
  • Pinkie Pie:
  • Rarity Belle: Sour and Rarity seem to have a slight rivalry.
  • Applejack:

Origin of Cutie Mark[edit | edit source]

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