Poppy Lolly is one of the main protagonists of Equestria Girls: New Generation. Her best friends are: Tart Lemon, Lala Sweetie, Sugar Coffee, Sun Breaker and Eletta Concetta. She is one of the daughters of Indigo Zap, being the youngest and is the younger sister of Molly Indigo.

Poppy Lolly


Poppy is a loyal and friendly girl who loves sports, but cares much more about her family and friends, than about proving to be the best athlete in her school. She is very peaceful and does not like violence unless necessary as Poppy is always provoked by her sister Molly for not being as competitive as she and their mother: Indigo Zap. Poppy loves sports and games and she is not competitive or obsessed with winning, as Poppy always congratulates others and when she finds out that her sister Molly is cheating she will find a way to frame her and prove her guilt.


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