Pollen is the kwami of Subjection who is connected to the Bee Miraculous. With her power, Pollen's wearer can use the hair comb of the Bee Miraculous to transform into a bee-themed Miraculous holder.

Whenever she is not active, Pollen's Miraculous lays dormant in Master Wang Fu's Miracle Box, whilst she herself resides inside the box with the other inactive kwamis.

As of "Style Queen" and other episodes, Pollen and her Miraculous temporarily become active. Her occasional owner is Chloé Bourgeois who sometimes uses the Bee Miraculous to transform into the superheroine Queen Bee to help Ladybug and Cat Noir protect and keep the citizens of Paris safe from danger, as well as defeating akumatized villains.


Pollen appears to have a formal and polite personality, greeting Tikki and Plagg as "the noble kwamis of creation and destruction" as shown in "Sandboy".

As shown in "Style Queen", "Queen Wasp", and "Malediktator", she is very submissive, obedient, and respectful towards her owner, as she calls Chloé "My Queen" and how she promptly transforms her into Queen Bee, despite it meaning everyone getting to know the latter's identity.

She is very polite and proper, referring to Chloé as "my queen".

Despite being submissive and obedient, Pollen isn't afraid to speak up as she tried to convince Chloé not to use her powers for evil. Showing that like Tikki, she tries to be very responsible with her powers and encourages her wielders to do the same.


  • Pollen was first revealed by Jeremy Zag with a picture posted on his Instagram. The image was captioned: "New Kwami means new superhero!? 🤔.... hummm... Maybe! 😋👍 Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 is coming guys !!!!"
    • Another image of Pollen was shown during an interview between Lindalee Rose and Cristina Vee.
  • The background of the teaser images is a blurred shot of Notre-Dame Cathedral.
  • Pollen's name was revealed when Thomas Astruc confirmed a fan's correct guess during a Twitter contest.[5]
  • In concept art, Pollen's eyes had neither pupils nor irises, only their blue sclerae, and her sclerae were much darker.
  • Astruc has stated that if the Miraculous is destroyed, the kwami survives but is no longer able to be seen or felt. Thus, while the Bee Miraculous was destroyed, Pollen survived.[13]
  • The way Pollen is so ready to "serve" Chloé is a reflection on the way of how bees are devoted to their queen.
  • Pollen's name and bee-like appearance is also a reflection on the symbiotic relationship bees have with flowers.
  • Pollen is the first kwami to be akumatized.
  • In concept art, her eyes had neither pupils nor irises, only her blue sclerae, and her sclerae were much darker.
  • In "Sandboy", she calls Tiki and Plagg "the noble kwamis of creation and destruction".
  • She share same English Voice Actress with Sabrina Raincomprix in Season 2.
  • She is the kwami of subjection.
  • In "Heart Hunter (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 1)", she becomes the third kwami being used for evil by her Miraculous holder without an akuma, following Nooroo and Duusu.


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