Pinkie Pie is one of the main characters in the DreamWorks My Little Pony franchise. She is the same as her original counterpart, but with a few differences.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Lady Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie, the Spirit of Happiness
  • Race: Earth Pony; Hybrid Draconequus-Pony
  • Cutie Mark: Same as the original franchise.
  • Age: 20
  • Occupations: Head of the party planning committee, caterer/waitress at Sugarcube Corner, captain of the cheerleading team, leader of the Glee Club, drummer of the Sonic Booms, member of the Mane Group
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Traits: Girly, laughable, eccentric, friendly, cheerful, energetic, talkative, comedic, optimistic, party animal, imaginative, hyper, silly, cartoonish, fun-loving, crazy, carefree, entertaining, somewhat down-to-earth and focused, candyholic, otaku, happy, sassy, ditzy, prankster, brute (sometimes), chipper, upbeat, comic relief, playful, hot-tempered, heroic, helpful, leaderlike, boy-crazy, cartoonish, comic relief, random, go-getter, high-spirited, perky, uptight, prideful, curious
  • Pet: Gummy Snap (pet alligator)
  • Family: Igneous Rock (draconequus father) and Cloudy Quartz (pony mother); Maud Pie (older sister); Limestone Pie (oldest sister); Blinky Pie (older sister); Inky Pie (youngest sister); Marble Pie (younger sister); Razzle Berry (younger draconequus brother); Slate (oldest brother); Boulder (older brother); Banana Split (twin draconequus brother); Shale (younger brother); Party Favor (cousin); Berry Blast (adoptive sister); Lemon Zest (childhood sister and legal guardian)
  • Friends/Allies:
  • Enemies:

Description[edit | edit source]

New Personality[edit | edit source]

The DreamWorks reboot version of Pinkie keeps most of her personality intact, however, she has a few differences. In this version, Pinkie is somewhat down-to-earth and focussed like her G3 counterpart. She is a very outgoing, cheerful, and energetic pony. She has a strong fondness for having parties, and has a tendency to want to throw a lot of them. While she is merry, goofy, overjoyed and hilarious, she loves to make jokes and make her friends laugh.

She is even more obsessed with parties and imagination, and can be sassy sometimes. She also has an obsession with candy and comics. Unlike her original counterpart, there are times when she can be angry and snap at someone, like how Twilight secretly plans that she and half of the Mane Group try to distract Queen Novo while the other half tries to steal her transformation pearl. Plus, she can be a bit brute sometimes.

She is considered the "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Queen Poppy", "Patrick Star", and "Cooper" of the group. While Rainbow proclaims herself as the comic relief of the group, Pinkie is the actual comic relief of the group. She proclaims herself as the "Life of the Party". She resides at the Sugarcube Corner with her uncle Carrot Cake, her aunt Chiffon Swirl, and four of her siblings: Blinky Pie, Marble Pie, Banana Split and Razzle Berry.

Free-spirited Pinkie has a personality as big as her heart and almost as big as her laugh! She loves having a good time and that's why she's perfect to head up party planning in Equestria. But it isn't all fun and games. She has a lot to do, like planning parties, attending parties, decorating parties, catering parties, thinking about parties, talking about parties, looking at really sparkly things! Always ready with a joke and a laugh, her vibrant energy adds lots of color to her friends (pink, of course!). Entertaining and energetic, she enjoys having fun with her friends. Her fun and bubbly personality shines and keeps them laughing all the time!

Pinkie was born as the middle child of her siblings in the Pie Family. Being the third youngest daughter of Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz, as well as the older twin sister of Banana Split, the younger sister of Slate, Limestone Pie, Blinky Pie, Boulder, and Maud Pie, and the older sister of Shale, Marble Pie, Inky Pie, and Razzle Berry, she is an earth pony with draconequus DNA from her father's side. She also has pegasus genes from her mother's side, which gives her the ability to bounce really high and stay on clouds longer. Due to the fact that she has draconequus DNA, she has lots of chaotic energy like other draconequui, including Discord and his family.

Sometimes, whenever she is in a very bad mood, her old Pinkamena form takes over. Pretty soon, Pinkie finally learns to accept both personalities of herself. Just like the rest of the Mane Group, she has a short temper sometimes. It is shown on the My Little Pony: Harmony Goes Forward episode "The Last Roundup" when Applejack runs away from home because she was afraid to tell her friends that she never wins first place in the Equestria Rodeo Competition.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Pinkie's spirit animal is a draconequus.
  • Instead of just having three sisters, Pinkie now has 10 siblings, which is similar to how Lincoln Loud has 10 sisters in The Loud House. The only difference is that Pinkie has five sisters and five brothers.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Lemon Zest:
  • Slate: Pinkie's relationship with Slate is very complicated.
  • Limestone Pie:
  • Blinky Pie:
  • Boulder: Boulder is one of Pinkie's nicer siblings. 
  • Maud Pie:
  • Banana Split:
  • Shale:
  • Marble Pie:
  • Inky Pie:
  • Razzle Berry:
  • Twilight Sparkle:
  • Rainbow Dash:
  • Rarity Belle:
  • Applejack:
  • Fluttershy:

Origin of Cutie Mark [edit | edit source]

Pinkie lives in a rock farm with her parents, five sisters and five brothers. They were never friendly or happy. But that's been changed 

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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