Perla Stella is the daughter of Midnight Sparkle, and one of Zest Lime's best friends and is a recurring character in Equestria Girls: New Generation, she is also Pinky's best friend.

Perla Stella


Perla Stella is cruel, power hungry, vindictive, relentless and arrogant just like her mother. She is obsessed with searching and finding magic so that she and her mother Midnight Sparkle can control all portals from Equestria to Canterlot. Despite being half demon, Perla is also a normal human girl. She doesn't like Tart Lemon and her friends, she also takes sadistic pleasure in tormenting them, especially Sugar Coffee, she is friends in addition to Zest Lime, also Pinky Slinky, Sugar's obnoxious and evil older sister.


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