Pansy Bay is a female character and is a recurring character in Minibellies. She is Amaryllis Pistachio's best friend. She is the former archenemy of Icing Maclean.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Pansy was an intimidating and cruel bully like her best friend and boss, Amaryllis Pistachio. She is an Amaryllis follower and is often seen alone making threats, however she is always faithful and joins Amaryllis. She has an enemy, Icing Maclean, as Amaryllis has Banana Dupont as her arch-enemy, while Pansy antagonizes Icing. She also steals candy and mistreats children and brags about her threatening and evil attitudes. She is arrogant and has no respect for others, has an unrequited crush on Coconut Jones, upon learning that he is Icing Maclean's boyfriend, Pansy will do anything to get him out of Icing and make her boyfriend, since Pansy is jealous Icing's, just as Amaryllis is jealous of Banana. She also architects evils along with Amaryllis to either harm Banana or Icing. She is Amaryllis' henchman and right-hand man and is more than willing to do more evil to impress her boss and best friend.

Pansy also became a better person, but redeemed herself first than Amaryllis, as Pansy was the first of the pair to have remorse for her evil actions against Icing Maclean and her friends. In season two, she sees that she and Amaryllis are currently redeemed and are currently friends with their former archenemies Banana and Icing. Pansy is now determined to mend all the harm she has done along with Amaryllis, now proving her new personality as an honest, outgoing, fun, cheerful, and friendlier, before as a villain, until she was a little sympathetic, but Amaryllis was not. let Pansy be nice to Icing until his redemption. She now helps Icing and her friends unmask Alyx Codfish who is a new "Amaryllis Pistachio" (a way of describing her as a new antagonist, queen bee and bully) to Banana, Icing and their friends.

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