Oni-Chan is the second akumatized villainess of Kagami Tsurugi.


As Oni-Chan, she is obsessed with tracking down Lila and getting her to renounce Adrien in order to have Adrien be hers.

Like Oni-Chan, her personality is similar to what she had as Riposte, but now she has the desire to protect Adrien from anyone who tries to hurt him, that motivates her to chase Lila to "punish" her properly; unless he gives up being with Adrien, destroying or hurting those who stand in his way, however his desire to protect Adrien makes him manipulable, letting himself be fooled by Lila to get rid of Ladybug.

Trivia Edit

  • Kagami is the fifth character to be akumatized into a different akumatized villain identity and both of these villains are Japanese-themed


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