Marianne Lenoir Square
Marianne Lenoir is an old comrade and lover of Master Wang Fu.


Marianne is a strongly nostalgic person as she desires to repeat the past and make up for her lost time with Wang Fu. She is confident and patient, being prepared to confess her feelings to Fu without hesitation, waiting years for him to be ready to come to her, while she continually came to the same spot in Paris.

Marianne is shown to be a very brave, selfless, and heroic person, as she was not afraid to stay in a Paris under siege during World War II and help fight back with the resistance, allowing Fu time to escape with the Miracle Box. Years later, she decided to hide herself this time so Hawk Moth couldn't use her to track Fu.


  • Her name is an homage to the grandmother of Fred Lenoir, a writer for the show.
    • Her character is also a reference to his grandmother, who was a resistance member during a war.
    • She was introduced in a synopsis that was released the show's Switzerland TV broadcaster, RTS Deux.
  • Marianne is likely around the same age as Wang Fu, possibly making her the oldest known akumatized villain shown in the series.
  • For reasons unknown, Marianne is aware of the Miraculouses, the Miracle Box, and Fu's duty as the Guardian.
    • It's likely that Fu trusts her deeply, hence revealing his secrets.
    • It is also possible that Marianne was a former Miraculous holder, as she asked for the Ladybug Miraculous in the past.
    • She is the second akumatized villain with time related powers, the first being Timebreaker.
      • Coincidentally, both were indirectly made vulnerable to akumatization by Marinette while she tried to juggle three things at the same time: supporting her friends, fulfilling a task by an adult, and spending time with Adrien.


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