Virginia "Jinny" Nose is a female character and is a minor character in Minibellies.

Jinny Nose


Jinny is a very popular, famous and very lively singer, who at least at the beginning she started to be kind and lively, however this is just a facade, as Jinny at heart hid a selfish, manipulative and cruel personality. However, she is a friend of all Banana's friends, except Banana Dupont, who is the only one who discovers and knows her true nature and that Banana is willing to unmask her at any price for her friends. Virginia is a singer who is above blackmailing and threatening Banana if she ruins her plans, her intentions with Banana's friends are to make them more adored and like her more than Banana. Jinny is a girl who also uses her fame to win over fans and manipulate them to believe that she is a kind and loving singer, when in reality Jinny is evil and sinister. She is also willing to destroy Banana's bond of friendship, so that her friends, including Caramel Backstory, adore her and make him fall in love with her while she manipulates them. Jinny also while she acts kind to her Banana fans and friends, she acts mean and mean and antagonistic to Banana, because Banana knows all her secrets and also resents her, for having discovered her real nature and that her intentions are evil. Virginia is described as an impossible, bitter person who is not willing to befriend Banana, unless it interests her, unlike Icing, Amaryllis, Pansy, Caramel and Coconut, she used charisma to win them over and who was really interested in them, while in Banana, Jinny / Virginia feels envy, hatred and resentment for her, with or without reason.


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