Itziar Flatware is a female character and is a minor character in Minibellies.

Itziar Flatware


Itziar is the leader of the ARH League, a gang of powerful villains, whose goal is to bring together villains with a thirst for revenge against human beings such as Zoé Cutlery, Marisol Ballerina, Poppy Parmesan and Lourdes Pudding to make an alliance and work together to take revenge and harm the human race. She is relentless, merciless, hateful and dangerous, since Itziar is determined to do any evil or serious thing to take revenge on the human race, having no kind of consideration or remorse for her actions. She hopes that her agents, Zoé, Marisol, Poppy and Lourdes are well prepared and able to show pure power and flavor of revenge towards humans, in addition to also getting revenge on Banana Dupont and his friends. Itziar also showed serious and frightening behavior enough to intimidate his agents to submit or obey his terrible orders. Itziar claimed to be extremely patient and cunning, having waited for thousands of years to take revenge and is willing to work with other villains just for a chance to do so. She can also be threatening, vindictive and very boastful, bragging about her leadership and how she planned to bring together evil anthropomorphic like her, as Itziar sees teamwork from her partners, a key to success so they can proceed with the revenge plan of the group. She does not tolerate fights, arguments or disagreements or failures of her agents and she forces them to follow her orders as she wishes, otherwise she would kill them all without mercy, showing that Itziar can be much more or just as cruel as his companions, even more cruel than Zoé Cutlery herself.


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