Indigo Zap is a female human and a student from Crystal Prep Academy. She is one of Shadowbolts, she appears as former secondary antagonist in Friendship Games, she don't appears in Dance Magic. In Equestria Girls New Generation she has a two daughters: Poppy Lolly and Molly Indigo.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Indigo Zap has a similar personality to Rainbow Dash, in that she is extremely competitive and has an unbridled passion for winning, even by Crystal Prep Academy's standards. However, much like her schoolmates, she lacks sportsmanship and has a tendency to push others around, whether by accident or to gloat over her victories. When she believes Canterlot High School is cheating by using magic, she is willing to use peer pressure on Twilight Sparkle in order to help their team level the playing field. She later reveals a compassionate side to herself by rushing in to save her rivals when her team's actions put both schools in danger.

Personality in Fanon Series[edit | edit source]

His personality is loving and educates his daughters a lot, although sometimes in relation to the competition he values Molly Indigo more than Poppy Lolly, but he is also the daughter in which Indigo Zap always has enough arguments and fights, for his daughter Molly being of a bad nature, that's why she has a better relationship with Poppy Lolly than Molly, Indigo is sometimes competitive, but it's not as much as she was at the Friendship Games.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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