Icy Sour is a female character and is a minor character in Equestria Girls: New Generation. She is the evil daughter of Sour Sweet and older sister to Lala Sweetie, her only sister.

Icy Sour


Icy Sour is more like her mother Sour Sweet (until she redeems herself). She is arrogant, competitive and very astute, as Icy Sour is willing to not only win to prove her school's superiority, but also to show her mother that unlike Lala Sweetie, Icy has a competitive spirit. She mocks her younger sister Lala Sweetie too much for being too friendly and tells Lala to be a little more aggressive like her and Sour Sweet (when she was a villain, Sour Sweet is now retired, but still maintains her personality bipolar, although she is sweeter and more affectionate today than sarcastic and sour as she used to be). Icy can also be very blackmailing, as she can very easily force others to do what she wants. As her first name suggests, Icy can also be cold, calculating and very cold-hearted, being the opposite of her sister Lala Sweetie.


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