Grape Dupont is a female character and is a recurring character in Minibellies. She is the mother of Banana Dupont and is married to Pineapple Dupont.

Grape Dupont.png

Personality[edit | edit source]

Grape is a very generous, quiet and benevolent person. She loves her daughter Banana and her husband Pineapple and just like her husband, she approves of Banana's relationship with Caramel, because she sees Caramel as a perfect future son-in-law for her and Pineapple, unlike her mortal archenemy Flame Backstory, who tries everything in separating them. Grape is also very opinionated and brave when she faces Flame's fights over her children. She is an honest person and does not like lies. Grape is Water Maclean's best friend, Icing's mother.

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