Winnifred "Freda" Season is a female character and is a primary character in Minibellies.

Freda Season


Freda is ambitious, cunning and, in general, very intelligent. She is also dangerous, cruel and evil, as Freda was able to poison the mayor of Tighlzz in secret, for her to take the throne so that crime and evil are legal in the city. She is also manipulative, as Winnifred was able to manipulate almost all Tighlzz High students, all adults (except Flame Backstory) and children to believe that she is a good person, when in reality Winnifred is as bad or more than Flame Backstory . She is also willing to work or ally with Flame Backstory to keep Banana Dupont from Caramel Backstory, Flame Backstory's son and boy in whom Freda has an unrequited romantic interest. She also has no worries putting Caramel’s friends in danger or anyone trying to confront her. Freda is friendly only to Caramel and Caramel sees Freda as her friend too, although he doesn't know that Freda is a spiteful girl who hates her friends and wants to see them suffer while she tries to win his love.

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