Fleur De Lys is a female character and is a minor character in Minibellies.

Fleur De Lys.png

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fleur De Lys has a very cold and distant behavior, very rarely showing her emotions towards others. She is consistently serious, organized and diligent. She is also a sociopath and psychopath, as Fleur De Lys does not seem to care about the consequences of her terrible actions even when her actions affect even her. Fleur De Lys also oozes sadistic joy in deceiving and manipulating others for selfish reasons. She is a raccoon, she is also an animal that detests humans, although not on the same level as Lourdes Pudding, but detests them for the fact that humans treat animals badly, it is believed that this is the main reason for Fleur De Lys to hold a grudge and deep hatred towards humans.

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