Flame Backstory is a female character and is a recurring character in Minibellies. She is the mother of Caramel Backstory.

Flame Backstory.png

Personality[edit | edit source]

Flame is an evil, obsessive, greedy woman. She wants her son Caramel to become a rich boy so she and Caramel get out of poverty and live in luxury. Flame had a very strong relationship with Aly Jones, who once were both lovers and accomplices, with Aly's redemption, Flame wants to continue in the footsteps of her former lover and former accomplice and will do new evils to succeed in her goal. She dislikes Banana Dupont and will do her best to keep her son Caramel from staying with Banana and disapproving of their relationship. Despite being mean, Flame really loves and cares about her son and wants to secure his future, albeit in the wrong and petty way. She hates almost all of Tighlzz's moms, except mean moms she has a lot of friendship with. She rivals Water Maclean, but her number one arch-enemy is Grape Dupont, mother of Banana Dupont.

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