Claudie Kanté
Claudie Kanté is the conductor of Startrain and a recent astronaut. She is also the mother of Max Kanté.


Claudie is very enthusiastic both about her job and the possibility of becoming an astronaut. She can get very anxious when she is waiting for important news. Claudie is a very proud and sacrificing mother. She also treats Markov as a sentient being instead of a robot.


  • Claudie was introduced in a synopsis that was released by the show's Switzerland TV broadcaster, RTS Deux.[2]
  • Claudie is the second Akumatized villain to name herself, the first being The Collector.
  • Claudie is the third Akumatized villain to act on her own accord. The first was The Collector, who akumatized himself, and the second was Robostus, who betrayed Hawk Moth and tried to get the Miraculouses for himself.
    • However, Claudie is the first Akumatized villain to not be akumatized directly by Hawk Moth, as the akuma was too far from him.


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