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Clara Nightingale (called Laura Nightingale in some episodes) is a popular American musician introduced in the second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.


Clara is a very energetic when talking with Alec Cataldi about her new music videos. She is constantly dancing to the tune while talking, and according to Marinette, she's very passionate about her music. Clara is clever; knowing she has to choose among many auditioners, she purposely trips to find someone who would act like Ladybug.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Clara means "clear, bright, famous".
  • Clara is the first character, as well as the first akumatized villain in the series to be based off of a real life person and a singer.
  • Clara's civilian outfit is an homage to the techno-pop unit Perfume,[6] one of the creators' favorite bands.
  • Her villain form was first revealed in concept art shown during a Nolife interview.[7]
  • Rossignoble, her villain name in the French dub, is a portmanteau of the French word rossignol, which means "nightingale", and the English word ignoble, meaning "not honorable in character or purpose."
    • Nightingales are known for their singing, relating to Clara's career as a singer.
  • As Frightningale, her mask is shaped almost like a butterfly but with star edges. Many villains have this as well, such as Lady Wifi, Evillustrator and Stormy Weather.
  • In "Captain Hardrock", Clara is named Laura Nightingale; her first name Clara comes in later episodes.
    • In the French dub of "Captain Hardrock", her name is Laura Rossignol, the first name Clara likewise coming later on.
    • In Spain her name in that episode is Laura Nittingel, fully changed to Clara Ruiseñor afterward.
  • According to Thomas Astruc, Clara is supposed to rhyme at every occasion.
  • Frightningale reappears for the two-part special event Heroes' Day.
  • Frightningale appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.


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