Amaryllis Pistachio is a female character and is one the former of main antagonists turned a supporting protagonist  along Pansy Bay of Minibellies. She is the rival and a former arch-enemy of Banana Dupont.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Amaryllis was a cruel and ambitious girl. She is extremely violent and psycho, wanting to defeat Banana Dupont in everything, trying to be better than Banana, proving her superiority. She is very arrogant, vain and convincing, she also tries to conquer Caramel Backstory to make him her boyfriend, as Amaryllis has a crush on him. She also tries to ruin Banana's friendship with Icing and turn everyone against Banana. She has a henchwoman who is Pansy Bay, her best friend and confidant in her plans and gimmicks. She's a bully, along with Pansy has no qualms about harassing and scaring those who are weaker than her, like Banana and Icing, thinking they are weaker than Pansy and her (Amaryllis) when in reality they are stronger. and popular than both villains Amaryllis and Pansy.

Amaryllis was completely redeemed already in episode one of season two and in the final episode of season one, already proved to be an antiheroine, the truth is that Amaryllis was evil just to get attention and win friends, in reality she was never an antagonist, just acted like that trying to make new friends. After she is forgiven by Caramel, Banana, Coconut and Icing, Amaryllis is a new person along with Pansy Bay. She has become more open, friendly, sociable, happy, kind-hearted, regretful and loving when she finds out she has a A new rival at her height, Alyx Codfish, Amaryllis helps the protagonists try to unmask her about their evils (evils of Alyx, who is the new antagonist, instead of Amaryllis).

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