Alix Kubdel
Alix Kubdel is a character from Miraculous Ladybug.

Personality Edit

Alix is a tomboy, tough, stubborn, reckless, and self-confident, she isn't afraid of challenges or saying what is on her mind. At the same time, she can be kind and grateful, like when her father gives her the family heirloom and when Ladybug fixes it after it breaks. She can become emotional and hold resentment toward others if someone goes wrong because of them, like with her watch. After the akuma is defeated, she realizes her own fault of not taking better care of the watch, and she tells Ladybug that she'll be more responsible with it.

Alix can be supportive and affectionate towards her friends as seen in "Zombizou", where she joined in on Rose and Juleka's group hug after Ladybug returned everything to normal, or in "Frightningale", where she praised Marinette for her giving up her chance to perform with Adrien and cheered for her when she rehearsed with him.

Alix is also helpful towards others as seen in "Reverser", where she sees Ladybug and Cat Noir's condition and insists on helping the heroes defeat the villain. She also gives Nathaniel some advice about Marc.

Trivia Edit

  • Alix may be a play on Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alix's name is a feminine shortened version of Alexander, meaning "defender of man."
  • In the French version, Alix's villain name is Chronogirl.
  • In the Serbian dub, her name is changed to Aleks.
  • Originally, Alix was supposed to be in a trio with Chloé Bourgeois and Sabrina Raincomprix, which was a reference to the trio Sam, Clover, and Alex from Totally Spies!.[7]
  • Alix's family are of Amazigh origin.[8]
  • She is the shortest student in Miss Bustier's class.
  • She is the first villain in the show to kill a hero, Cat Noir, by touching him while he is protecting Ladybug — although Ladybug goes back in time and prevents this outcome from happening again.
    • This also may count as the first known death of a kwami and a Miraculous, as Plagg is in the ring for Adrien to be Cat Noir.
  • Alix's past self was transformed before she accepted Hawk Moth's deal.
  • As seen in "Darkblade", she doesn't care much for class elections.
  • She turns 15 in the episode "Timebreaker".
  • In the first issue of Miraculous Adventures, Alix is on a lacrosse team with Adrien, Ivan and Kim.
  • As implied in "Reverser", Alix goes to the art class to express herself through street art.
  • Timebreaker reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".
  • Timebreaker appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.
  • A statue of Timebreaker appears in the Musée Grévin in "The Puppeteer 2".
  • Alix's role as the future holder of the Rabbit Miraculous was foreshadowed in the second opening in which Alix was shown with a rabbit ears and snout as well as in the Miraculous Webisode "Friends".
  • Alix's power as Bunnyx is similar to the one she has as Timebreaker, as they both allow her to travel through time. However, her time traveling power as Bunnyx doesn't require her to steal the life energy from others to travel through time.
  • Bunnyx, Alix's future superhero identity, has a watch also making a reference to the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Her Timebreaker suit makes the same noise as the Prototype Omnitrix, which is a broken watch like the Rabbit Miraculous, which is also capable of holograms, transformations, and, through transforming, time travel.
  • So far she's the only superhero whose power shares similarities to her power from when she was akumatized, with both Timebreaker and Bunnyx having the power to travel through time.
  • As of "Timetagger", Alix is the only member of the team, that didn't get her Miraculous in the current timeline.

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