Alexa Cod is a female character and is a recurring and major antagonist in Minibellies. She is Alyx Codfish's best friend.

Alexa Cod.png

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alexa is a bully like Alyx and is as cruel and evil as her best friend and boss. She antagonizes Pansy Bay and Icing Maclean, both of whom are arch-enemies in which Alexa takes pleasure in humiliating them, especially Pansy Bay, for redeeming herself and being friends with Icing and her friends. She is physically threatening and has the physical traits of a bully who is unwilling for others to speak ill of her and to prove it, wants to demonstrate her arrogance and cruelty to her victims. Alexa is also a member of the Tighlyteens and is also a criminal, since she likes to steal and steal things, she is also capable of committing murder to get what she wants. She is also power hungry and obsessed with doing evil along with Alyx, who is her best friend and partner in her complicity. Both she and Alyx also try to harass the lives of their enemies by threatening or blackmailing them into accepting their "dishonest" dealings. She is also jealous and envious of Icing Maclean, but not as strong as her deadly hatred for Pansy Bay.

In Minibellies: The Movie, Alexa still has her personality intact, but alternately she is more bloodthirsty and more dangerous than in the animated series, she feels sadistic pleasure in torturing and killing her enemies and tried to kill Pansy Bay several times in movie and also in the animated series.

As a member of Tighlyteens, Alexa is second in command and has shown greater cruelty, this is shown in the movie, as Alexa also shows psychotic and sadistic tendencies, already delighting to see Alyx rule Tighlzz and killing people. She steals and kills in the movie while in the animated series Alexa commits any kind of crime.

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