Akira is a female character and is the main protagonist of Libies.

Akira (Libies)


Akira is an incredibly benevolent and genuine human. She is the protagonist of Libies and she uses her imagination and creativity to have fun with her best friends, Chika, a fox and Snowflake a human. She is very lovely even with sinister aliens, in which they hate. Akira also tends to be funny and always finds a way to see her friends happy while both are sad and always tries to rejoice. She is very positive and it is rare to see her with negative or pessimistic feelings, but Akira always believes in positivity and joy. She also thinks before acting. Akira is a race, creature or animal dependent individual who helps those who need help. She is in love with Snowflake, who is also her best friend and likes to spend time with him when she is not with Chika, her fox best friend.

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